Activitar Announces Simultaneous Contracts for Wholesalers

Posted by Activitar on November 09, 2020 · 2 mins read

9 November 2020

Activitar has begun with the staggered release of a number of important new features added to our platform during the lock-down period.


We hereby announce Simultaneous Contracts between one supplier and one wholesaler. Suppliers with Activitar can now offer billing-method switching to their Wholesalers. One contract type (billing method) will be the default. The others will be selectable alternate methods available in the booking process. This is agreed with the wholesaler and set up in the system. The supplier can then switch to an alternate contract type for any booking. This feature is conveniently available during the booking process. Wholesalers may also be afforded this right if they use the Activitar wholesale booking system. The system is currently available to over 7000 wholesalers free of charge.

Customer Value:

There have been many requests to use multiple agreements simultaneously, between the same parties. Certain billing methods suit the particular circumstances of a sale and the specific consumer better than others. Therefore the parties can now switch between different agreed billing methods depending on where and by whom the sale is executed. The switch can be executed both in the seller (wholesaler) interface and in the supplier interface. This is another powerful and industry-first solution provided by Activitar.

The simultaneous contracts feature overcomes many challenges faced in the indirect sales process.

Main Benefits:

  • Provides flexibility in matching different sales contexts and customers
  • Increases indirect sales conversion by allowing wholesalers to book on the preferred billing method.
  • Supporting reports to keep track of commissions and collections across alternate billing methods applied to different bookings.
  • Reduces admin and manual communication when a single billing method is not optimal for the circumstances.
  • Track usage of various billing methods

To request a Demonstration on Activitar, do so via the website or if you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us:

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Activitar Support Team
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