Activitar Announces Multiple Method Part Payments

Posted by Activitar on November 13, 2020 · 3 mins read

13 November 2020

Activitar continues our announcements of powerful features added to our system during the lock-down period.


Pay a booking with multiple methods in separate payments:

There exists a need with activity providers to have flexibility in taking payments for single bookings. This is in order to accommodate the different ways guests prefer to go about offering payment. There is a need, for example, to accept contributing partial payment from guests who are not the person who made the booking.

Suppliers can now accept multiple payments at different time intervals via different methods to pay for a booking. Or they can accept separate payments and payment methods at the time of booking to settle the same booking. Moreover, the supplier can accept those separate payments from separate consumers for the same booking.

Suppliers expressed the need to take partial payments upfront via paylink methodologies, which Activitar previously provided. Now Activitar has expanded the usefulness of accepting payment for one booking in separate parts. Each part payment can now also be accepted via a separate payment instrument.

This is very useful to serve friends who travel together and who wish to have the convenience of one booking to ensure they are on the same vehicle or group doing the service. Here is an example: The booking is for 4 people, namely two couples traveling together. One credit card can be accepted to pay for the first 2 people for example and another can be accepted for the second two people.

The same guest may need to pay part with one card and part with another, or part with cash and part with card. Here is how it will work: Activitar lets the supplier accept each payment method offered for a part payment until the amount is settled in full.

Customer Value:

  • Switch between payment method options while accepting payments on a booking.
  • Simpler process and better automation of payment method capturing for the reservationist.
  • Smooth and empathetic service to guests who have the need to make payment for their booking via multiple methods.

Main Benefits:

  • Accept any amount on a booking or basket total
  • Allow a sequence of separate payments towards the booking up to activity date
  • Load multiple payment methods among guest(s) upon booking creation
  • Send paylink to any additional guest other than your lead person on the booking
  • Supporting reports on payment method capturing
  • Improved customer experience

To request a Demonstration on Activitar, do so via the website or if you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us:

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