Saves you time

Saves you time

Removes manual communication and confirmation for all bookings. Fast and easy booking edits where needed. Scheduling of resources is done for you. Manual capturing of invoices  is eliminated. All reporting is automated.

Increased sales

Increases sales

Increase consumer direct sales with online web and mobile bookings. Plus grow sales to distributors with a dedicated interface, online bookings and  a comprehensive range of contract options.

Gives you power

Gives you power

Who’s booked, who’s paid, who’s got to do what when. Who’s got the cash, what the revenue is, where it came from. These are not questions. You always have these answers. And the power to manage for more.

An end-to-end activity solution

Front office staff

To the front office staff Activitar is a quick over the counter booking tool, a quick rebook or edit tool, a check in and ticketing solution and a payment and invoicing system.

Reservation staff

To reservations staff handling telephonic and email bookings and reservation requests, Activitar is a powerful reservation and reservation management system with fast bookings, edits and rebooks, real time payments, vouchering, and invoicing.

Activity operation managers

To activity operations managers Activitar is a total staff and resource schedule automation system, a staff notification system, a daily ops management tool.

Activity admin and finance

To activity admin and finance functions Activitar is a comprehensive business reporting tool, an aid in cash up management and an easy solution to create and upload invoices.

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Benefit from new releases


Activitar represents the synergy between tech innovators and experienced activity operators. Activitar is a turnkey online solution created for activity operators and with the inputs of many activity operators. It is designed so you can run your business more easily and better.


Our company continues to consult our clients and publish new software features regularly. These releases are made available to all Activitar clients at no extra charge.

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A Distribution Facilitator

Concierge, info centers and other local agents

To concierge, info centers and other local agents Activitar offers a free login to a dedicated booking system where they can book activities on their own contracted terms. The same is available to domestic and international tour operators.

Online merchants

To online merchants and other booking portals Activitar offers a developers API to enable integration to access pricing, availability and descriptive content.

Travel agents

For travel agents a dedicated activity booking portal is created on the GDS selling platform integrating to itineraries and invoices in the agency back office system.

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Cash in the bank

Consumer direct bookings, when you see it, payment is complete.


Power manage

So much operational automation and information equals better management.


It’s tailor-made

Customisable set-up to fit the varying needs of operations.


Easy to use

Features accessed from power dash and presented in simple and easy views.


Sales recruiting

Contract configurations to suit all types of sellers and distributors.


Lifetime support

Online, telephone and even face to face support. Always free.

Ready for all devices

Mobile smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktops, it does not matter – the booking engine will adapt to the device.

“I have been in the tourism industry for 15 years and Activitar is the most comprehensive system I have worked with.”

Marisa Erasmus

Tour Operations Manager, Gametrackers, a Tourvest company.

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