Activitar and Adrenaline Hunter announces real-time connection

Posted by Activitar on May 21, 2020 · 3 mins read

21 May 2020

Adrenaline Hunter real-time connection with Activitar completed

Adventure activity suppliers in Africa will now receive live bookings from Adrenaline Hunter.

Adrenaline Hunter, a world-leading online adventure booking platform based in France and Activitar, the leading activity management platform provider in Africa, has executed a systems integration. All adventure operators in Africa will now have the opportunity via Activitar to offer live availability and instant online confirmations to Adrenaline Hunter’s users.

Adrenaline Hunter is in the process of fully automating their entire operational process around bookings. This will enable the platform and its suppliers to cut on operational costs and reduce booking errors and back office work. Most importantly, it will mean the most efficient reservation process for its customers around the globe, also for the African destination. Activitar will provide robust, reliable, live inventory and instant booking confirmation to Adrenalin Hunter.

“We have partnered with a select few of the leading international booking platform providers for important adventure regions around the world. Activitar has a leading African presence plus a fast-growing quality supplier base in this popular adventure destination. We have been using the Activitar wholesaler interface for manual online bookings for a while and have trust in their technology and their lean and effective operations. This made Activitar our obvious preferred partner for the region,” said Philippe Bichet, Co-Founder & Head of Operations at Adrenaline Hunter. “More and more travellers want to explore African adventures through a trusted platform like Adrenaline Hunter. Integrating with Activitar is a significant step up in our efforts for developing this region further at Adrenaline Hunter.”

Other aspects of the arrangement include that Activitar provides Adrenalin Hunter with continuous updates on its growing supplier base. Activitar will aim that all the best adventure operators on its platform become available for distribution by Adrenaline Hunter. Adrenaline Hunter will strongly encourage manually connected operators to avail themselves of the live feed through the trusted Activitar platform.

Pierre Kleinhans, CEO of Activitar, said, “The integration that was executed by the Adrenaline Hunter engineering team, is another important advance for Activitar. We aim to connect our supplier base live to all major distribution channels and certainly, Adrenaline Hunter is a leader in adventure activities distribution on a global scale. We value the designation as their preferred regional connection for adventure inventory. Activitar believes the automation of this connection is an important benefit for all adventure operators in the African region. Eventually, this means more visibility, more clients, and less manual work for them and a much better experience for the travellers”.

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