New Release: Activitar Tour Consultant Data Analysis Capability

Posted by Activitar on May 07, 2020 · 3 mins read

7 May 2020

Activitar on 5 May 2020 released yet another powerful tool for its customers: Smart Tour Consultant Data analysis capability that will enable Activitar users to build more powerful relationships with tour consultants.

Following Activitar’s April release of enhanced gift vouchers and discount vouchering, and smart consumer data analysis capability on 1 May, we now offer powerful Tour Consultant intelligence tools. An actionable understanding of how individual Tour Consultants do business with his or her company is invaluable to an activity operator.

Now Activitar users can analyse and gain an understanding of the buying preferences and buying behaviour history for every tour consultant that they have traded with. They can get informed about these behaviours and preferences across multiple optional data points. They can be more accurate than ever before in terms of timing and content of all their tour consultant interactions. Tour consultants with similar behaviours and requirements across many different tour companies can be grouped together.

This means that an activity company can actually be of great support and be highly relevant to its audience in the tour operator customer base. Such a company can be more accurate in their interactions than any competitor who does not have access to this intelligence.

Activitar’s new Tour Consultant intelligence tool gives our customers many different views of consultant booking data from individual data points and combined data-points. It is important to understand which consultants in a large tour operator favor which of our customer’s activities, and when exactly do they need information about what is on offer. This and numerous other vital datasets are now instantly accessible.

This class-leading tour consultant data suite will enable Activitar customers to be among the most efficient among their peers in addressing specific markets as they re-open. For example, once the German market re-opens to South Africa, our customers will know exactly which consultants to focus their outreach on and what to be saying to them.

We continue to drive innovation and develop tools to ensure our clients and the industry will emerge even stronger for the time when adventures and activities will be highly desirable in people’s hunger for freedom. We believe that it is important to remain positive as the industry will return and those who took the lead will be ready to meet the new demand.

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