Activitar releases smart customer data analysis capability within its vast business reports suite

Posted by Activitar on May 01, 2020 · 2 mins read

1 May 2020

Activitar today released smart customer data analysis capability within its vast business reports suite.

Following Activitar’s release of enhanced gift vouchers and discount vouchering to counter the impact of the pandemic on our industry, we now offer this suite of powerful customer intelligence tools. It is now more than ever needed to communicate accurately with customers with timely outreach and the right content or offer. Understanding who you are communicating with, why it is a good time to communicate with those customers, and what you should be communicating about, will be vital.

Activitar’s new customer intelligence tools provides our customers very many different views of customer data from individual data points and combined data-points. Intelligence about customers, groups of customers, and trends. This class-leading customer data suite will enable Activitar customers to be the most efficient among their peers in addressing specific markets as they re-open.

The availability of this powerful business growth tool will also serve as an incentive to our growing supplier base to take care to capture relevant customer details, which will enable them to establish a valuable ongoing customer connection.

The current tools relate to consumers. Similar tools will shortly be released that will enable Activitar users to build more powerful relationships with tour consultants.

Many thanks - we wish you and your families good health, stay strong! Read more here about the Gift Voucher Enhancement release.

To request a Demonstration on Activitar, do so via the website or if you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us:

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