Activitar announces broad Gift Voucher Features enhancements for its clients to sustain revenue

Posted by Activitar on April 08, 2020 · 4 mins read

8 April 2020

Despite the challenges we all face, Activitar has chosen the positive approach. We are working as hard as ever to make our customers stronger. Not one day, but right now.

Activitar on 6 April 2020 announced the first stage of its assistance program to keep its clients’ businesses earning revenue even while they are unable to operate momentarily.

Below is the message to our existing clients as well as details of the enhancements:

Upgraded gift voucher selling technology has been deployed on the Site Engine:

  1. For any closed service, the system will automatically offer a gift voucher option and will not display the normal time slot selector.
  2. There is now also a special page on your Site Engine, where visitors can access gift vouchers only for all your services.
  3. Vouchers will also cover services sold via the Site Engine Network.
  4. You will also be able to offer a special discount voucher code via a banner. We encourage you to incentivize consumers to buy gift vouchers now at a discount.

Join us in remaining positive, as the current situation is one where we can help consumers. Give them the opportunity to remember what a great country we have. Remind them how wonderful the experiences are that they can access once the virus has been contained. Help them to commit now to doing something great with their family as soon as it is sensible. Activitar’s supplier base are the leading attractions, activity and adventure companies. You can take the lead in giving our people encouragement. Let them remember you were part of how they came out of this with hope restored.

We will have our industry back and it is not far off. Consumers can and will have their lifestyle back and with your help, those lifestyles can even be better than in the past! This is not a time to go silent or lose hope. This is a time to communicate! It is time to send a message to your customers about how much value can be added to life by actively engaging with nature through new adventures. To let them know how much there is to experience and to share with loved ones and friends.

Therefore, in the next week, Activitar is also going to give you much-advanced intelligence on your customer data. This will allow you to be laser-sharp on your marketing focus. Wait for this announcement and feature rollout.

More empowering things will be coming your way with short intervals throughout April and beyond. Activitar has your back and our whole team is fighting for you and your business every single day.

“Activitar now provide great tools to trade and earn revenue even during this time of stay at home regulations. Activity companies offer services that enrich the lives of people. It is time to be reminded of the beautiful adventures and experiences that await us. Now we can send friends and family gifts of these adventures.”

Many thanks - we wish you and your families good health, stay strong!

To request a Demonstration on Activitar, do so via the website or if you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us:

Activitar Sales Manager: Dirk Ingram
Cell: +27 76 251 2441

Activitar Support Team
Cell: +2787 250 0276

The following distribution channels are fully connected with Activitar:



Activitar Site Engine Network (that allows suppliers to sell each other’s services)

Activitar Wholesaler Network (Allowing Tour Operators such as The Inside Guide, TourismFriendly to sell your services - our wholesaler network consists of 6000 wholesalers with the opportunity to book online with your own contract terms)

Site Engine Affiliate Referral Network

Activitar Portal

Coming soon

Adrenaline Hunter


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