Distribution Channels

Distributors on offer to Activitar suppliers

We have a network of distribution platforms that expands both globally and nationally. The purpose of Activitar providing our suppliers with these different distribution opportunities is to broaden our clients’ customer pools and to help generate more revenue for our clients, as we aim to see our suppliers progress, develop and succeed.

The International distributors that we have to offer our suppliers include: GetYourGuide, Google Things To, Viator/Tripadvisor, Manawa, Musement/TUI, Civitatis, ExperienceGifts, Hotelbeds, Headout, and Tiqets.

The National distributors that we have to offer our suppliers include: TicketPro, Hejju, Jurni, The Inside Guide, Activity Awaits, ActivityHub and Just Reserves.

International Distributors


GetYourGuide is known to be the big player in the activity industry. With funding at about USD 886M and a market cap over USD 1,6Bn, they are the biggest producer of activity bookings amongst the Online Travel Agents (OTAs). They are based in Berlin, but have a large customer base located in Germany , USA, Great Britain, with a strong reach into France, Spain and Italy.

One of the many factors that ensures GetYourGuide’s success is that they provide the activity inventory to OTA heavyweights such as Booking.com and Expedia. With GetYourGuide’s quality integration into Activitar, it ensures suppliers to see a high booking conversion rate. This close integration between GetYourGuide and Activitar allows for us to work closely on strategic initiatives that will benefit Activitar’s customers, thus resulting in more revenue for our customers.


Viator/ Tripadvisor is the big player in activity bookings when it comes to the US. This is because Viator provides Tripadvisor with bookings and activity inventory. Their main market is based in the USA but maintains a global reach through Tripadvisor.

The distinguishing element of Viator is that customers benefit greatly from the biggest global resource of public reviews, where customers can recommend suppliers’ services to others.


Manawa is the first and leading online seller of outdoor activities in the French market. Manawa is marketed (but not limited) to the young, adventurous French travellers between 25-40 years old. Activitar has seen Manawa produce a good amount of bookings for customers on their platform. They have a dedicated account manager for South Africa and a great multilingual customer support team. One of the benefits of being on Manawa is that as a customer, you do not need to do content maintenance as it is done on your behalf by Manawa.


Musement was bought over by TUI, and has become one of Italy’s leading sellers of activities. Musement is well backed in funding and has a global reach with over 80 countries covered.


Civitatis is the number one booking platform in Spain and Latin America. They are one of the fastest growing activity sellers worldwide. The exciting news is that they are recruiting South African suppliers for the first time.


After 15 years in the industry, Experience Days has recently launched their latest global site: ExperienceGifts. Experience Days started in the USA and are in SA as well, but now they have offices based in the UK. They sell global experiences in, for example, the US, UK, Germany, Australia and South Africa.

ExperienceGifts sellsflexible and open-dated activity gift certificates. They are an online activity gift certificate website that is fully integrated with Activitar so customers can book in real time.


Hotelbeds is based in Madrid and Dubai. They are the biggest B2B seller of hotels in the world via a network of European travel agents. They are now beginning the distribution of activities and attractions to the travel trade.


Headout’s headquarters are located in Singapore and they are the big seller of activities in Asian and European markets. They have raised more than USD 58M in funding. They, too, are planning to recruit South African suppliers for the first time.


Tiqets is the biggest Dutch seller of attraction tickets. They have a footprint in the Netherlands, Europe and the USA. They have raised more than USD 106M in funding and they are linked to TrustPilot, which has helped them become one of the world’s most successful ticket sellers.

National Distributors


TicketPro is a member of the Blue Label Telecom Group, and they are a major South African ticketing outlet. TicketPro sells tickets through both online and physical locations. The physical locations in which you can get tickets from include Spar and MTN Networks of stores, and they offer the biggest network of physical ticketing locations in South Africa. Once can also receive their “Blu Vouchers” if customers are members of Netcare Plus and Discovery.


Hejju is a B2B activity seller in South Africa. Hejju connects the activity inventory to Travelstart, Safarinow, Go.See.Do, Propr, Harvey World Travel, Club Travel, Rennies Travel, and Baz Bus.


Jurni is a distribution platform that focuses solely on South Africa’s attractions. They are a localised travel and tourism data management company. It functions on a “Rand for Rand” funding system which is funded by Amadeus and our government. They aim to help South African businesses to gain more exposure into our various markets.

The Inside Guide

The inside Guide is the leading guide to Cape Town travel. It is a brochure, both online and physical, that aims to reach locals and visitors who are looking for things to do in and around Cape Town.

Activity Awaits

Activity Awaits targets both South African adventure lovers and international visitors to the destination. At the moment, their largest number of guests are South African, but there is a trend towards more international bookings.


ActivityHub is a proudly South African marketplace with a focus on showcasing and generating revenue for destination experiences and activities. They can assist clients in creating and running successful online campaigns to drive more business towards suppliers. In the near future, ActivityHub will launch ActivityHub.travel which will allow them to sell activities and experiences outside of South Africa.

Just Reserves

Just Reserves is an African instant booking site. They target the safari traveller/bush adventure lover that visits parks and reserves in Africa.