Booking Benefits

A quicker, more efficient booking processes in all channels grow revenues. Scale your business easily without increasing staff costs.

Removes email hassle

All the hassle of email request bookings is removed. No more to and fro emailing – we all know one booking can sometimes require many emails to conclude. You don’t have to write those anymore. The client and has an instant confirmation.

Ends after hours calls

Tired of sleeping with your cellphone on? Had enough of endless interrupted dinners? The client now can complete their booking confidently on their own. You can have dinner and sleep uninterrupted like other people do.

Saves time

All those phone calls and emails that you have gotten used to eats up your time, they interrupt other value adding things you could be doing for your business. Marketing related stuff. Customer care stuff. Things that grow the business.

Guilt free meetings

You have to do a meeting with one customer or with staff, but you know that other customer has emailed and does not yet know about your availability on a certain date. It bothers you, because you want the business.

No show losses are cut

No show losses are real. Telling the customer to EFT once they commit, could let the sale slip. Getting the booking and payment done in a real time process on a single online page is ideal. There can be no more no show losses.

Better cashflow

Customers are not afraid to book online three months to a year in advance and pay upfront by credit card. What a great business that is with its cash flow well in advance. Make sure you get your maximum share of the early cashflow.

Customer convenience

It is far more convenient for the customer to just make an easy online payment immediately than to set you up as a beneficiary first or having to remember by when to pay you.

Get mobility

You can have your reservation system with you anywhere on mobile or other devices.

It’s easy to use

Even big complex bookings are easily executed, with features that reduce the number of clicks to add reservations. And handling change requests on bookings is also easy with instant notifications to the clients.

Saves time

Real time availability is at your fingertips. You just load the booking and click the client gets the confirmation and invoice instantly. Even while they are on the call with you. It is that fast.

Payment Benefits

Payments are facilitated in a trusted, secure manner for correct amounts at correct times in the buyer process on each separate interface.

Better sales conversion

Request bookings convert less because the action that would have been the booking action is only an email availability request. The customer can easily be distracted by other offers.

Better Service at less effort

Think about this: would you book at an airline offering only a request service? You know you can go click click book at the other airlines.

Improves communication

Receive messages from sales agents and wholesalers in the system in context of the specific booking. No more emails being missed. Eliminate the blame game with full audit trail of requests and actions.

All in one convenience

It does it all in one. Takes the reservation, produces confirmations, invoices, vouchers and receipt plus you can print your ticket(s) for the booking with a single click.



Operation Benefits

You are enabled to own a more effectively managed business with all the operational automation you could wish for delivered.

Know where your cash is

With the payment methods report you can see who is responsible for what payment collections and have a simple cash up.

No more check-in payment hassles

The check-in workflow easily steps through a process that shows you exactly who on a booking must still pay.

Save time

Daily assignments of staff and resources to bookings are no small matter. We know. Save an lots of time and head aches when your resources are allocated for you, and even notified of tasks.

Manage easy

When staff know in advance exactly which tasks they are required to perform, and they get the info from a neutral platform that assigns tasks fairly it becomes very easy to manage.

Be on the ball

See what is going on in your operations for any given period, not only the bookings but who has to do what when. And make any interventions you want to do easily.

Be flexible

Easily activate temporary resources to handle expected or sudden demand.

Manage better

All tasks are pre organised, resources auto actioned and details placed at your fingertips in clear report formats.

Improve cash controls

See all payments taken by staff members and transaction records for all payments. See all outstanding payments.

Gain business insight

See revenue by source, by resource and by service. See all bookings, cancelled bookings and commissions due.

Know the customer

Know what and how much they purchase and where they are from. Collect their contacts for marketing campaigns.

Grow sales networks

Ever growing onboard database of sellers, active staff contacts, set up deal and billing terms and engage with sellers to trade.

Trade flexibly

Nine contract types, various rate and invoicing set-ups for tour operators, concierge, info centers, tour guides, backpackers and more.

Trade wider

Rack rates (public published rates) , and net rates (including negotiated rates private to industry partners).

Network better

Invite any seller to trade via the seller interface. See the value traded, how much commission is due and value of discounts you provided.

Be in control

24 hour control of technical data as well as rate, text , visuals and rack and net rate pricing.

Control the times

Set-up and manage seasons and time slot inventory including closed days, closed seasons, special offer periods and real time cut-offs.

Control the where

Assembly points, start and ends, pick up and drop offs. Support for radius type locations and specific locations with GPS co-ordinates.

Control the reporting

Set up Accounting codes and accounting periods. Also support for setting up groups of services for reporting.