Booking Features

A quicker, more efficient booking processes in all channels grow revenues. Scale your business easily without increasing staff costs.

A hosted solution

Hosted and maintained on fast and powerful servers in a secure hosting infrastructure with failover in separate geographies. This means you just switch on and you are up and you stay up.

Real time quoting

The Online Booking Engine quotes the consumer instantly based on the date, time and number of guests, as soon as a search is done the quote is there.

Real time availability

Each service is checked for availability in real time based on the date, time and number of guests. The visitor simply searches and the availability for their party is instantly displayed.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Integrated with multiple payment gateways and facilitates multiple online payment methods from card payments, to EFT and rewards/miles.

SEO optimised

The Online Booking Engine is set up according to SEO standards to support exposure for your business.


Complete control of all text and images about your company, it’s services and prices 24/7. Easy to log in and change and update content without needing any assistence.

Easy integration

The private labelled Online Booking Engine easily integrates to your web site. Simply link to search results or specific services to ensure fast path booking and high conversion rates.

Private label

Simply ad your logo and customize more than 50 colour and font settings.

Power dash

A user dashboard which delivers at a glance a booking and ops overview for the day or week, and places enormously powerful features at your fingertips.

Quick reservations

Quickly book and confirm one or more services in a single flow, for consumers or contracted wholesalers. Adding additional bookings in a time slot is extremely quick.

Quick rebook

Circumstances often force rebooks, where guests move over to another service. No need to first cancel. Rebook fast with minimum effort.

Multi-booking time edit

Easy single view facility to edit start times on one or more bookings on a service. No need to open edit view for individual bookings.

Multi-booking resources edit

Easy single view facility to edit staff and resources on one or more bookings on a service. No need to open edit view for individual bookings.

Comprehensive booking edit

Guest numbers, names, start times, dates, pick-ups and notes can be changed. Or the booking may be cancelled. Auto notifications included.

One click ticket

Set up customized tickets. Ticket per booking or individual guest. Print tickets for paid bookings from the dash. Supported printers include Zebra and Star.

Full invoice service

Print pro forma and tax invoices for VAT, non VAT and mixed VAT / Non Vat services. Invoices included with online confirmations. Monthly CSV output to accounting system.

Payment Features

Payments are facilitated in a trusted, secure manner for correct amounts at correct times in the buyer process on each separate interface.

Merchant accounts

Activitar offers a merchant account with treasury service which will collect and transfer revenue as well as the facility for you to have your own merchant account.

Multiple methods

Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners Card are supported. Chip based debit cards cards, EFT and rewards/miles are also supported. Promotion codes can also be accepted as a payment currency.

Multiple gateways

Activitar has integrated to PayU and Setcom plus a gateway interface that enables easy integration to over 1000 international payment gateways.

Secure and compliant

Activitar uses secure and PCI compliant payment gateways and we do not store card details.

Offline payment support

Record and track offline cash, credit card, debit card, direct deposit, room account, rewards/miles and promo code payments.

Online payment support

Card present and card not present online payments facilitated through the payment interface.

Incremental payment support

Support for deposits, advance payments, trigger payments, balance payments. Single payments per booking or payments for one or more guests on a larger booking.

Payment reports

Payment methods report for cash up, online payments report with gateway reference numbers, failed payments report.



Operation Features

You are enabled to own a more effectively managed business with all the operational automation you could wish for delivered.

Assignments are automatic

The assignments of staff and resources to bookings does truly happen automatically. No manual assignments required. Easy edit access at level of single bookings or time slot.

Staff assignments view

A chronological view of an operational period from the point of view of individual staff members including guest and resource assignments and operational notations. Easy edit access.

Operations view

A chronological view of an operational period reflecting all services that will be operating with operational notations and staff and resource assignments. Easy edit access.

Resource management

Management of temporary and permanent staff and resources. Available and unavailable periods.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS system, with online and offline payment, facilitating roving agents with sms and email tickets, or wi-fi ticket printing.

Guest manifest

The names and personal details of guest with customisable fields for additional info required ie wet suit sizes, bicycle types etc.

Operational reports

  • Operations Report
  • Staff Activity Report
  • Individual Staff Activity Report
  • Message Report

Payment reports

  • Payment Methods Report
  • Online Payments Report

Admin reports

  • Daily Revenue Report
  • Revenue Report
  • Bookings Report
  • Commissions Due Report
  • Account Report

Customer reports

  • Customer Contacts Report
  • Nationalities Report

Third-party seller network

Database of current third party seller companies with active staff and contacts with ability to discover and review services, set up deal and billing terms and engage with sellers to trade.

Contract module

Tools to set up trading terms for third party sellers. Nine contract types, various rate and invoicing constructions. Proven trading styles for tour operators, concierge, info centers, tour guides, backpackers and more.

Rate set-up and management

Support for managing rack rates (public published rates that include commission), and net rates (non commission-able discount rates , and negotiated rates private to industry partners).


Invite any seller to trade via the seller interface, on terms that you set-up in the system. See the value you traded with each seller. And see how much commission is due and the total value of discounts you provided.

Service ates and content

Full CMS control of technical data for each service as well as rate, text and visual description and rack rate pricing.

Seasons and timeslots

CMS support for set-up and managing seasons and time slot inventory including but not limited to closed days, closed seasons, special offer periods and real time cut-offs.


Support for locations needed for assembly points, start and ends, pick up and drop offs. Support for radius type locations and specific locations with GPS co-ordinates.

Other CMS and accounting

CMS management of system messages. Support for setting up Accounting codes and accounting periods. Also support for setting up groups of services.