Activitar is the best!

Marisa Erasmus, Tour Operations Manager, Mankwe Gametrackers

Could one system could handle so many activity types? I was skeptical. 18 months after we went live I can say that in 15 years in tourism I have not seen such a comprehensive system.  Our reservations team finds the system very user friendly. The technical support is outstanding.

These guys go the extra mile to understand what a client’s business needs, their system keeps developing. It is not just a reservations and management tool, it is a marketing platform that helps us grow our business.

The system has proven itself and we are feeling the benefits! Activitar is the best!

Well complimented

Jaco Kruger, Owner, Offshore Adventures

The Activitar reservation system is well complimented with local support that we as operators find very valuable.

Simple and secure

Jenna vd Westhuizen, Owner, Untouched Adventures

Activitar makes our bookings simple and secure. No back and forth complicated bookings emails and procedures, just click, click done.

Added value to my business

Riette Bennett, owner, Advantage Tours

Like other people we were skeptical of the new thing on the market. But I can kick myself but for not getting Activitar sooner. It makes life easier in so many ways.

I get an email from Mr X with an inquiry and email him all the info. Twenty two emails later Mr X eventually books. Now everything is online and it is just click click and Mr X has made his own booking. Activitar saves us so much time. I wish I knew how to convince more people to get on Activitar, our agents too.

Agents email when our office is busy or we are in meetings with a simple inquiry like what time our boat is going out, or they want to know availability out of working hours. With Activitar they have access to it all online 24/7 and can immediately complete the booking as well.

Thank you for teaching us the system. We expected it would be complex, but it is easy peasy to use, even my mom Joey who is 77 can use it.

So Activitar has just been an asset and added value to my business.

Been a great help

Chantel Yeats, Reservations Manager, Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Activitar has been a great help with real time bookings. The fact that it automatically updates resources ensures that overbooking on programs with limited resources does not occur. The integration with our online payment system is working successfully.

Activitar rocks!

Wynand Du Toit, General Manager, Nkambeni Safari Camp

This weekend I returned to the basics (our safari reservations clerk was indisposed) and I had to manage the safari activities for a 72 hour period. This is our busiest season with an average of 230 safari guests per day and an average of 22 safari units operating.

I used Activitar to the fullest, I had to subhire vehicles, add them to services, make them available, change venues, change pax numbers, change and swop guides and vehicles and all other variables you could think off.

Activitar passed with flying colours, This system is way beyond my expectations and I can only now again thank Activitar for the vision and for making this company part of the system.

Greatly reduces stress

Evelyn Pepler, owner, Ocean Odyssey & Springtide Charters

It is two years since we switched to Activitar. As an owner run business it greatly reduced stress to run our entire reservation system on our office PC’s and handheld devices. There was custom set-up by the representative, and ongoing support has been great! The system has even been adapted to suit changes in our business.

We have meanwhile acquired two additional businesses and easily integrated those to Activitar.

We are receiving more and more online real time bookings with upfront payment which is encouraging. In all we are happy with Activitar and look forward to new developments.

Extremely happy!

Shelley,  Manager, Daytrippers

We have been working with Activitar over a year. They have been have been extremely helpful and accommodating to give us exactly what we want in a booking system. They are very happy to ad to the system when they find features that can benefit all users.

I have made many suggestions and Activitar have slowly but surely been making those features appear. That makes me very happy about the system and about our dealings with Activitar.

Also our bookings from the web have increased very significantly and we have been getting bookings from people we did not reach before. People are online and can book immediately.

My life has changed!

Charmaine Klapwijk, Owner, Romonza Boat Trips

My life has changed since starting to use Activitar to run my business. Having done everything manually for the last 35 years, I was skeptical, but thanks to your training I mastered Activitar rather quickly. It is fast and efficient and what a pleasure to be getting pre-paid bookings.

Activitar is easy to use and even refunding guests when the weather stops us going out is very simple. My bookings have definitely increased since using Activitar and I now have time to enjoy the dolphins and the whales when they swim past my office.I am definitely recommending you to other activity operators and look forward to a long ongoing business realationship.

Helped to grow our business

MF Marnewiecke, owner, Blackwater Tubing

We have been using the Activitar online booking service and distribution since October 2012. We have received excellent service from Activitar and their services have effectively helped to grow our business through online distribution and online booking availability.

Really a must have

Helga Goument, Reservations Manager, Hylton Ross Kruger Park

Activitar is a brilliant, user friendly management tool. As soon as the information is loaded in the system it automatically allocate the vehicle and the guide to the booking, which saves us a lot of time…we don’t need to sit for hours working out which guide and which vehicle should do what job for the day! The system works out the guides and drivers hours and then allocate a driver or guide who worked less hours than the others.
Also, from a Wholesalers point of view, once you have made the booking in the system it is confirmed…you do not have to send emails and wait for a reply.
This is really a must have for tour operators and adventure/activity operators.