Who is Activitar?

We are entrepreneurs

Activitar is an innovative entrepreneurial business in the activity industry, for the activity industry. Our team are pioneers who are passionate about and experienced in online ventures, the activity industry, software and tourism technology, and the web. We are about a big vision, which means we are not afraid to stretch and we are not afraid to learn. We know that each activity business owner is experienced and has key operational insights. Therefor we listen to our customers, see them as visionary and love to deliver a great product to them backed up by great service.

We are adventurers

We understand that our story is part of the story of the transformation of the activity industry. To place the destination experience at the forefront of tourism, where it belongs. We know this is a journey and we invite you to come alongside us, as our customers, our users and our investors and help us write a great story.

Our skills

We innovate

Activitar loves to innovate, which means we do not only meet known needs of our customers. We are prepared to imagine and create things for which our market have not yet discovered their need. And we mostly get it spot on. We know how to do online travel, how through aggregation and automation of services, with good content, great functionality and web design we can make life enriching experiences accessible to many people.

We understand

Activitar understands the activity industry, we worked with the industry for years now and several of us are from the industry. We know where the industry comes from and we have a clear vision for where it is going.

We care

Activitar cares for our customers. We are known for being pro-active and always stepping up to the plate when it matters.